Dad Bod

June 21, 2019

These shorts are by I.AM.GIA I bought them right before my trip to south east Asia. I thought they'd be perfect for travelling and hiking because of all the pockets and they were actually pretty convenient. I love the strap belt they came with, knowing I'll be able to use it with other bottoms (bonus!). I always look for a high-waist & thought they'd be a nice alternative to jean shorts. I wore the crap out of them on the trip. The great thing about black is you can get away with spot cleaning instead of constant laundry. Now that summer has arrived in Toronto I know I'll push even more milage out of them. Back in North America means back on instagram and I've noticed a sort of influencer culture around this brand "I.AM.GIA" and I'm not sure if I'm for it. It's basically a bunch of girls with the same exact body type, pairing bra tops with these sick utility style pants. The poses are consistent, ass shots, pulling at thong straps, hands up the shirt, legs spread wide open, or bent over on all fours. I get it, sex sells, but there's something creepy about the whole thing when the girls promoting this brand are 15 years old. I'm not trying to make a big statement here, I've worn these shorts with tight tanks, tube tops, and even the odd crop top myself, in no way do I advocate that women need to start covering up. But what about pairing the cool utility style dad-cargo-shorts with an equally cool dad style top? Walking around outside I rarely had this over-sized denim shirt tucked in because it was so warm, I basically looked like I wasn't wearing any pants at all due to how short these shorts are. So I'm not sure if I can make a case for "lets style tomboy clothes with gender neutral undertones". But regardless, that's what I went for here. Since we already discussed 15 year old influencers in this post, lets roll with it, another 15 (err 17?) year old who's fashion choice are all over instagram is Billie Eilish. She always has the coolest outfits. Pairing baggy with baggy. Over-sized is basically the theme. Sneaker, high-tops, docs, always wearing clothes and shoes that you can move around in. Regardless, she consistently stays SO fashion. Some don't even realize that she's wearing straight off the runway head-to-toe high fashion, what's unmistakable is that she looks so effortlessly cool. So that's what I went for here, effortless coolness. Confidence. Channeling that inner 17 year old who isn't sold on the influencer Kardashian culture. Someone who can run around in the dirt, keep up with the boys, and take up space. I felt cool AF in this outfit, and I could tell everyone else thought I was cool AF too. I've said it before and I'll say it again, fashion is a feeling. If you feel uncomfortable you're going to look uncomfortable. Wear the clothes you feel most comfortable in, because that is when you will look the most confident. I like when people think I have spunk, because I do. If I can portray that through my clothes then I'm doing my job. 


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