Trailer Trash

August 9, 2019

This is a look I have worn summer, after summer, probably starting back in 2002. A beater and jeans, or jean shorts depending on the weather. They say 2002 was the year fashion died, for me it was the year I started experimenting. I would save my Christmas money to purchase my own clothes, because in grade 7 you needed low rise jeans and clothes from Urban Behaviour or Costa Blanca. This was very shortly after Jlo wore that all white Sean Jean outfit to an awards show. I swear it was common practice for celebs to wear undershirts to award shows or on magazine covers. I can actually picture the Britney Spears cover, and definitely a Jessica Simpson one or two. In 2002 I considered myself fortunate that undershirts were a trend. I had no money and zero clothes, since all my clothes from grade 6 were simply unwearable now that I was at the mature age of 13 years old. I could afford undershirts though, you could get a pack of 10 for like $5 at Walmart, or I could just raid my laundry room and find a bunch for free. The brand didn't matter, or the size really, if one was too loose, I'd just tie the back with a hair tie. It was all about the low rise jeans anyway, and as much as we all cringe at the idea of a pant zipper thats only 2mm, I'm here to tell you low rise jeans are back. And while we're going there, the tank top/beater look is back too. Good news for me considering I haven't stopped wearing it. I have however, retired my low rise jeans long ago and never really wanted to look back. I'm a hippy girl and a good high rise pant has become such a comfort zone for me. I actually can't recall complaining about a love handle since before the rise of our waistlines. But I can't just ignore this trend. I actually love it. It's less Christina Aguilera dirty and more of a TLC kind of vibe, or at least that's what I choose to take from it.  Loose-fitting, underwear-bearing hip-huggers. Less hooker and more of a tom-boy, gender-neutral sort of vibe. Only problem is, all the cool girls of instagram bringing back this trend are baring their flat stomachs as size 0 non-stretch Levis are falling off their protruding hip bones. It's cute, but unattainable now that I'm no longer 13. My trick? Don't buy the size 0. I went up like 3 or 4 sizes for these jeans. I'm not even sure that they're intended to be low-rise, but I wanted a pair, so I just continued to go up in size until I found one that wouldn't squeeze a muffin top out of me. Honestly, I tell this to all my friends who are feeling bloated, or like they've gained a few since last year. Don't be afraid to buy the size large. I buy large everything. You actually look smaller when your clothes aren't busting at the seams, and trust me no one is looking at the number on the tag. Obviously this is crucial for low-rise jeans, but it's something you should consider for all your new clothes. What size are you really? Most women fluctuate in weight, so, stop buying the same size every time you shop. The worst ever is a tight blazer or jacket that can't even close. It's like I can feel the discomfort just looking at it, not being able to lift your arms is a hell I don't want to live in. If your concern is that you'll lose the weight, tailor the clothes after. Its like a steak, you can always cook it more if it's too rare, but you can't add more pink. You can't add more fabric to your clothes, go for the bigger size.

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The Trend: Low-Slung Skirts

November 1, 2019

Empire Records - Liv Tyler 1995

October 31, 2019

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