Organic Glam

August 21, 2019

It's late summer, the time of year when evenings start getting cooler and you're tempted to break out your jeans and long pants. The worst part is how tight and restricting they can feel after a summer of cold beers at every opportunity. Flowy sundresses and basketball shorts have been more than accommodating for months, and that's the sort of comfort you're still looking for. It's not quite time to succumb to our yoga pants either, that's more of a late fall vibe. We're just trying to look fresh for fall, you know? A looser pant is what you're looking for. They're intentionally baggy (maybe not on me because my thighs & butt just keep growing) but, the straight & baggy leg is the new silhouette. For denim, and any kind of bottom. Here I'm wearing a cargo pant, it's hard to see through the camo-print, but these pants have pretty large pockets on them that help add some bulk. Yes, it actually has been long enough for the cargo pant to return. The pockets are almost handier than they were in the '90s now that we can't even enter the next room without our phones in tow. It's perfect. This lighter canvas is also really nice while summer wraps up. It's more breathable and airier than a thick denim. The top is linen, which is another great textile for late summer. 


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The Trend: Low-Slung Skirts

November 1, 2019

Empire Records - Liv Tyler 1995

October 31, 2019

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