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August 23, 2019

I am obsessed with this blazer. In a recent post I went on about how you should go for the bigger sizer instead of trying to squeeze into clothes that just aren't working. I may need to eat those words because this blazer is on the tighter side. The thing is, it's from the Rack and when you find a good piece for a good price, chances are it's not in your size. This blazer is a size small, but there was no way I was going to leave it for someone else. I found it for $12.89 down from $1555.00! More than a 99% savings! I know, who would ever pay that much for a blazer? But people do, I've met them, and I've worked for them. They're very well-dressed people. They have the privilege of finding their correct size, and the garment is still in mint condition instead of covered in dust bunnies or grease stained from being rolled over with rolling racks. They usually even get the pants to match. It seems like a ridiculous price, but that's designer. This blazer is by Co. and it's made from 100% cotton, which can be hard to find at Zara and other fast fashion stores. My weight always fluctuates so there may come a time when it fits a little better, but it was also $12! I spend more on my lunch, so really what did I have to lose? Because it's black, there isn't much contrast or shading around the areas that are tight. You can't really see where the fabric is bunching or pulling. It also has a corset sort of vibe to it, which works with the whole too tight thing. Corsets want to be too tight. Right where it clips up it has all this extra fabric that you can wrap up and tie however you please. It obviously works for a business look, with trousers or a pencil skirt. But it's the perfect time of year to wear long sleeves with shorts. I love this weather, when your summer clothes get to meet your fall wardrobe and they interact for little while. Your legs are still tanned so it only makes sense to show them off while you can, and finally you're not sweating through all your tops. In my opinion, jean shorts go with everything. This is the perfect Friday night quick-change before meeting friends for cocktails, while all the patios in Toronto are still open. 







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November 1, 2019

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October 31, 2019

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