Sweater Girl

August 28, 2019

This look may have more '90s inspiration behind it than old Hollywood, but something about it reminds me of the "sweater girls" of the '50s. Cashmere and angora were newly introduced around this time and with that came a new trend. Fairly conservative ladies were sporting tight, thin knits over their cone-shaped "bullet bras", and it made quite an impact. A pretty sexist impact, but it was the '50s. The sweaters would show off shape without actually showing anything. It was considered wholesome and innocent, and the entire look made for the perfect "girl next door" archetype. My sweater above is not cashmere or angora, I believe it's acrylic, but it does kind of produce the same look. A thin knit that hugs my curves in all the right places. I am feeling particularly curvy these days, so it could be the sweater or it could just be my new body, but I'm into it either way. I like the ribbing in this sweater because it slims out my arms and stomach, and all the other places where I don't want to look too big. I think the key idea is to not wearing anything under the sweater other than a bra. This helps it to not cling to any other fabrics or get too bulky. It's also super comfortable and easy. My sweater is obviously a cardigan, so to achieve this silhouette I buttoned all the buttons. To be honest, this cardigan doesn't lend much to the nature of fashion when it's open. It's kind of just basic and boring. More of an afterthought to an outfit, something you throw on when you're chilly. I know I'll wear it this way throughout the fall. I've already rocked it with jean shorts and felt it like it kind of elevated them to this classier grown look. Here I'm wearing it with silk pants for a very comfortable, first day of pumpkin spice latte, cozy mood. This outfit felt like I was wearing pyjamas, which is maybe why I didn't even bother with my hair. And as for the Teva's, I think I'll try to push them as late into the fall as I can. 





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