Double-Breasted w/ a Bib

August 29, 2019

I've been living in these overall shorts all summer long. They are the most comfortable and easy thing to throw on. I know they're far from sophisticated. I'm running the risk of looking like a pregnant lady or a child, but I'm okay with it. What can I say? I like denim, whether its jeans, jean shorts, jean skirts, or overalls. They're just practical, and for the most part that's what I want from my clothes. They're perfect for summer adventures and, they look cute with nothing but a bathing suit underneath. So many clothes made for women don't have any pockets or at least any functional pockets. This big pocket in the front has been the real MVP all summer long. It's allowed me to leave my purse at home on multiple occasions, which, for some reason, feels very liberating. It's not quite September, so before I jump entirely on the fall fashion train, I hope to get a few more weekends out of these. The evenings are getting chiller, though. If you're going to be out past sunset, it's a good idea to bring a jacket. Blazers can be the best stand-in for a sweater or jacket. I find the boxy shape of this blazer can stand up to the almost over-sized overall shorts. A smaller sweater kind of emphasizes how large these shorts are, and a big jacket just makes the entire outfit seem, well, big. The blazer is the perfect compromise because it has enough structure to compete with the thick denim & hardware, and it's tailored enough that I'm not swimming in all my clothes. I like the contrast between business and pleasure. A child would not pair a blazer with their overalls, I'm a grown woman. 








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November 1, 2019

Empire Records - Liv Tyler 1995

October 31, 2019

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