The Trend: Tiger stripes

September 3, 2019

It's unclear to me whether these fabrics are tiger stripe or a zebra print? They could be a mix of the two. It reminds me of that episode of Rupaul's Drag Race when the contestant thought her giraffe print outfit was brown cow. It makes no difference to me, and you get the point, animal print is all the rage, striped animal print to be specific. I did a post a while back forecasting the python print craze. That trend is still going strong, and leopard & cheetah will always be a constant in the textile world. But tiger (err zebra?), is having a moment as of late. If you're looking to update your animal print wardrobe, opt for the tiger stripe. Stripes have been a fashion favourite forever. They offer a sort of illusion, elongating and drawing the eye toward a focal point. Animal stripes add an element of fun and frisk. In the animal world, the stripes confuse observers, by two visual illusions: the wagon-wheel effect, where the perceived motion is inverted, and the barber pole illusion, where the perceived movement is in a wrong direction. The clothes look as if they're in motion, even when they are not. Can you blame anyone for being drawn to that? Animal print has more transformative power than any other pattern. It can read as both edgy and sophisticated. With all the new colours they're being printed in, there is something for everyone. This tiger print trend is the cat's meow. 


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