Sporty Spice

September 10, 2019

I call this look summer's funeral. School has started, and it's officially acceptable to pull out our fall jackets. There is nothing I love more than a head-to-toe all-black look. New York women do fashion so well, and I think one of their secrets might be dressing in black. This look has a bit of a Hamptons twist though. I got this fabulous little polo dress last summer. It's Grey by Jason Wu, and at the time my boyfriend had just decided we would get into golf. He bought the clubs, but I knew I'd be in charge of fashion. Golf and tennis are two sports that have always had me intrigued based solely on the clothes. I went so overboard with the "preppy" look in high school that I've pretty much been avoiding polos ever since. Now I had this reason to shop for a country club look, and I don't know if I would have bought the dress otherwise. Sadly, we did not play golf as much this summer as we did the last, but I got just as much wear out of the dress. It is the most comfortable, easy thing to throw on. I love that it's just a short little t-shirt dress but still feels polished and somehow almost classy. The fact that it's black makes me feel good in it no matter what kind of day I'm having, and it's the perfect material that doesn't cling or ride up while I'm walking. I think because I've worn it with my golf shoes many times and it's an athletic dress, I feel perfectly comfortable wearing sneakers with it. Although wearing sneakers with dresses has been trending for a while, it doesn't always work for me. It's just a personal feeling, but unless the dress is longer I don't feel like a short dress with sneakers does much for my legs and because I'm not 16 it just doesn't always feel right. I love sneakers with this dress though, and I don't for a second think it looks odd or like something is missing. If anything, it completes the look. The shoes help this look remain super comfortable, quick & easy but still chic. 

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