The Trend: Varsity

September 10, 2019




I wish I could say this is just in time for back to school, but I'm a week late. I'm also a little behind because all these looks are from the fall 2019 shows, and as of last week, we are now looking at spring 2020. But these varsity-like prep school looks are still flooding the runways. The most identifiable piece from this trend is the varsity sweater. It's timeless, so I could be out of line calling it a trend. But it is a lot more evident as of late that it's having a comeback. It's unclear to me, whether that has anything to do with Archie and Jughead taking over Netflix or not, but I find it fun to analyze why something is "in" even if I'm way off. One brand that does this best and has been for years is Lacoste, but other fashion houses you wouldn't expect to go full-on prep, are also showing their versions of the look, such as Balmain and Celine. While not every line has a varsity sweater in it, it's clear that different elements of a school uniform are very much "the look." Like cardigans, blazers, polos, kilts, button-ups, even the school gym clothes are looking pretty trendy these days. Maybe in the climate we're in right now we're all just looking to educate ourselves a little more, and we want to dress the part? Or maybe it's that we want to cling on to our youth? That makes sense this day in age too, what with all the botox and products that promise to help us stay forever young. Or maybe we all want to look like we fit in at the country club? Or is it that we want to rebel against that notion? Take the uniform back, styling it how we want, and doing what we want while wearing it. I think everyone has their reason as to why they may be attracted to this look. For me, I think it's my love for movies and t.v shows. There is a slew of film references where the characters are sporting a version of this look. It's fun to dress as a character sometimes. There are days when you want to channel your inner Blaire Waldorf or Rory Gilmore, and that's what makes getting dressed fun. 


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