Notting Hill - Julia Roberts 1999

October 9, 2019

First post under this section! Unsure about it. Maybe I should call this "When you buy something online vs. when it arrives." Having my photos so close to Julia's makes me feel like a blob. But I'm not trying to BE Julia. I just think it could be fun to show modernized versions of old iconic looks, and I'm doing my best not to get too caught up in the details. I'm positive that many people have done this before. I definitely know of that guy on Instagram who does Sex and the City side-by-sides, his look vs. the real one, and I've always been a fan of those. But my recent influence came from Hailey Beiber. She did a spread in Vogue dressed in all of Princess Diana's paparazzi looks. If they didn't publish the reference images, you would honestly think she was wearing her everyday clothes and looking extra chic. I knew Princess Diana was a fashion queen, but I didn't realize how effortlessly cool she dressed in her off-time. It's crazy that all the outfits could easily be worn today without a second thought. What goes around, comes around. It got me thinking of my own wardrobe and the images that inspire it. I love television and movies, and like most of us, I get a lot of inspiration from the wardrobe department. Whether we realize it or not, most of us get our style inspo from our favourite t.v shows and movies. You would think it comes from magazines or models, but I believe our favourite characters inspire us more than we know. Most girls my age can't binge old episodes of Friends without making reference to how cute some of Rachel's looks were. With film, the outfit comes alive. We get more insight into the personality of the wearer, which I think gives us a certain confidence when rocking a similar look. To be honest, I started with this particular look because I've already been wearing this leather jacket all Fall, and it was easy. I realized how similar it is to the one Julia Roberts wore in Notting Hill, and then I realized I pretty much already own the entire outfit. I may have bought this jacket subconsciously thinking of her character or maybe another '90s films. But that's why I think this could be a fun new section. When you create little look books for yourself with images that inspire you, it can give a fresh new look into your tired wardrobe. Sometimes instead of buying new stuff, it's best to try to look at what you have from a different viewpoint.






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