The Trend: Shearling Jackets

October 7, 2019


If you're looking for a fall jacket that can get you pretty far into the winter, one similar to any of these could be an excellent option for you. Of course, there are many different types of jackets pictured here, but they all share one commonality, fleece. (I'm refraining from using the word shearling because I don't want to piss off the vegans). Animal cruelty is never trending. But most shearling jackets are vegan-friendly lately, and nowadays, the synthetic materials have been perfected to look and feel like the real deal. Sometimes they're even better because they can be made to be thicker and warmer, which means more longevity up here in Canada. People have been wearing sheepskin clothing since caveman days, but there have been these iconic fashion moments where shearling jackets have been the defining look of certain decades. The '70s is the first thing I think of when I see these coats. The reference in my mind is Penny Lane from the movie Almost Famous. The classic hippy look, brown in colour, longer in length, and completely shearling-lined. But the '40s had a big shearling moment too when military pilots wore shearling leather bomber jackets. And then in the '50s when James Dean wore a double-breasted version in one of his movies and biker jackets complete with fleece-lined collars in practically all his photoshoots. But designers aren't just pulling references from one decade right now; the fall 2019 runways have shown us pretty much every variation of these jackets. There are some modernized versions too, like Fendi's bright yellow cropped jacket, or Burberry's graffiti-looking logo coat. As far as fall outwear goes, these jackets are the look right now. 






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