Empire Records - Liv Tyler 1995

October 31, 2019

So I'm missing a few details here like the midriff-baring mohair sweater (and the body to go along with it). Nothing is quite bang-on, and because it's the week of Halloween, it feels a little lazy. But these posts aren't supposed to be costumes, just clothes that I already own paired together to recreate a memorable image. I would hope that I could walk around in any of these looks and not have it come across as if I'm in costume. And I'll continue with this section even after October, hopefully, more frequently. I also hope to get a little more creative and out-of-the-box over time and use some references that not everyone knows or has seen before. But what's a re-imagined '90s look without at least one plaid skirt? In my defence, at least it's not Cher from Clueless. Though, this is probably a close runner-up for looks that have already been done. I like it better because it has a bit of edge to it. I absolutely love the boots. They make the entire look way less preppy and way more comfortable. Ever since I got my Dr. Martens, I've been wearing them with bare-legs much more than any of my heeled booties. I feel like they can make a look seem more effortless, and like I tried a little less. No one ever really wants to look like they tried too hard. Apparently, the boots Liv Tyler wore in the movie were actually her own. How do I know this? After recreating this look myself, I did a quick google search for more reference photos and realized every fashion blog and magazine has already done this. Liv spoke about the iconic look in Elle magazine and said she remembers the boots being from her own closet. It's crazy how relevant they are today. If you take anything from this post, get yourself a good pair of boots, and 25 years later, you might still be wearing them. 









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January 30, 2020

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November 1, 2019

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