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January 30, 2020

I'm a neutrals person, no matter how often I try to add colour into my wardrobe, I always end up going for black. Instead of fighting it, I'm embracing it. Knowing I can get so much wear out of something if I choose the right colour feels comforting and slightly responsible? If Jennifer Aniston can get away with it, why not me? One thing Jen doesn't do that I did here is change up her hair. She is fully branded, and I respect...

September 12, 2019

I bought this dress in 2012, which feels like a lifetime ago. I have definitely owned clothes for longer than seven years, but most of those pieces either don’t fit me, aren’t high quality, or they’re outdated and still waiting for their come-back. This dress surprised me. I tried it on after seeing this silhouette pretty much everywhere. I know it's basic, an oatmeal, ribbed t-shirt dress. But I’m proud of 2012 me for knowing...

September 10, 2019

I call this look summer's funeral. School has started, and it's officially acceptable to pull out our fall jackets. There is nothing I love more than a head-to-toe all-black look. New York women do fashion so well, and I think one of their secrets might be dressing in black. This look has a bit of a Hamptons twist though. I got this fabulous little polo dress last summer. It's Grey by Jason Wu, and at the time my boyfriend had...

September 1, 2019

This outfit is pretty much my uniform. Who doesn't love a good t-shirt? I think everyone should have a couple of favourite graphic tees in their wardrobe. They're a great basic that can convey personality. This shirt tells people I like Elton John, which is true, I do. But, it can go in all kinds of directions. They're great for a casual look, but what I love about them is how they can dress down some of your dressier clothes....

August 30, 2019

Let's just call this an office look before you switch into your flats. I know most women would not wear these shoes to work, and I am not assuming you would or saying you should. I've worn this exact outfit with flats before, and it's just as effective. I'm considering doing a series of office looks. I find that's what people struggle with the most. It can be hard to convey personality with a dress code, and a lot of "business...

August 29, 2019

I've been living in these overall shorts all summer long. They are the most comfortable and easy thing to throw on. I know they're far from sophisticated. I'm running the risk of looking like a pregnant lady or a child, but I'm okay with it. What can I say? I like denim, whether its jeans, jean shorts, jean skirts, or overalls. They're just practical, and for the most part that's what I want from my clothes. They're perfect fo...

August 28, 2019

This look may have more '90s inspiration behind it than old Hollywood, but something about it reminds me of the "sweater girls" of the '50s. Cashmere and angora were newly introduced around this time and with that came a new trend. Fairly conservative ladies were sporting tight, thin knits over their cone-shaped "bullet bras", and it made quite an impact. A pretty sexist impact, but it was the '50s. The sweaters would show off...

August 23, 2019

I am obsessed with this blazer. In a recent post I went on about how you should go for the bigger sizer instead of trying to squeeze into clothes that just aren't working. I may need to eat those words because this blazer is on the tighter side. The thing is, it's from the Rack and when you find a good piece for a good price, chances are it's not in your size. This blazer is a size small, but there was no way I was going to l...

August 21, 2019

It's late summer, the time of year when evenings start getting cooler and you're tempted to break out your jeans and long pants. The worst part is how tight and restricting they can feel after a summer of cold beers at every opportunity. Flowy sundresses and basketball shorts have been more than accommodating for months, and that's the sort of comfort you're still looking for. It's not quite time to succumb to our yoga pants e...

August 9, 2019

This is a look I have worn summer, after summer, probably starting back in 2002. A beater and jeans, or jean shorts depending on the weather. They say 2002 was the year fashion died, for me it was the year I started experimenting. I would save my Christmas money to purchase my own clothes, because in grade 7 you needed low rise jeans and clothes from Urban Behaviour or Costa Blanca. This was very shortly after Jlo wore that al...

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January 30, 2020

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September 10, 2019

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